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BUY THE NEW WATSKY ALBUM "ALL YOU CAN DO" GOOGLE PLAY: FALL TOUR TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW: facebook.com/gwatsky@gwatskysteelwoolentertainment.comMusic produced by Anderson .Paak, Mister Carmack and LODEFCo-written by Mikos da GawdCo-produced and engineered by Nils MontanMixed by Justin GerrishMastered by Joe LaPorta for Sterling SoundChoir: Deja Timan, Paris Timan, Milan Timan, Kamia Timan & Camille Timan/ Piano, harpsichord: Julian LeDirector: Jackson Adams Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski Production Designer: Natalie Groce Producer: Bradford SimpsonEditor: Joseph ShahoodVisual Effects: Alan GwizdowskiSound Design & Mixing: Michael O'ConnorPyrotechnics: Neil SmithStunt Coordinator: Ben HoffmanFirst Assistant Director: Tony YacendaCasting & Wardrobe Stylist: Jenna LyngArt Assistant: Britt KellerMakeup: Lindi TaylorAssistant Camera: Ben MolyneuxKey Grips: Raul Rivera & Henry DhoyGaffer: David Cronin2nd Unit Gaffer: Andres MurilloBest Boy Electric: Blake GaytonBest Boy Grip: Christopher WessSwing: Andrew CrightonGrip: Jason BarrSound Recordist: Cody SkullyMedic: David FalickiProduction Assistants: Virginia Camarena, Ari Schutz & Miguel CamposCamera Provided by Brainbox CamerasLamborghini Provided by Lamborghini Club LACastJim BelushiBo BurnhamChinaka HodgeJulia MisakiLYRICSChorusWhoa whoa whoa, what do you take us for? (x2)Verse 1I'm a phenomenon. X video editor google play video. And I gotta bring pain in the OctagonWhen I wanna spit game at a soccermom I get it quicker than the left lane on the Autobahn;Fast— like Ramadan— and I battle young Padawans all the damn dayI'm getting nekked and I'm hopping on a wrecking ball so hot I got that mothafucka a la flambéI go to Miley's house. I see that Miley's home.I play Miley's ribcage with my dick like it's a Xylie-phoneYes, that was highly fucked up but my skills are highly honedAnd if I was highly hyphy I might be more widely knownC'est la vie. Better pay my feeThey kick it in Seattle in a Patagonia jacket, they get it in the Bay in a plain white teeHey mami! You a PYT!Wanna see me speak? Then I go (go) go (go) go (go)!Every time I get a beat I know I gotta beat it up, I bend it then I break it then I chop it and I eat it up,And PETA would never approve of the way I've been treating the music, I bleed it, I bruise it, I kick it to the curb and then I'm sipping on my bourbon I be freakin it doing it, keeping it movingI'm picking apart the muscle when I'm thinking about the hustle but I'm nice. Nice!ChorusVerse 2I'll jump the freeway median, I'm savageCause my mode is that I'm meaner than the averageLike my teacher taught me when I heard the crowd applaudI thought I was an atheist until I realized I'm a GodIt could hurt a bit when I murder shitin a moment I'll be tying off a tourniquetWhen I burn em and I hit em in the sternum, I don't even gotta enter but I'm gonna win the tournamentThat's what I'm all about. Do what I gotta do and never gonna poutAnd I hope that it woulda been the end of it and i'm out, but they never tend to gimme the benefit of the doubtEver since I was a little I kid I know that I've been looking for the hot hot spotlightAnd if you really wonder what I think about the competition, they were not not not tightI been reading my scripture. Every photobomber wanna be in my pictureAnd ya betta bet i'm living every single day like it's the mothafuckin Catalina Wine MixerBada bing bada boom, when I walk in I'm the king of the roomAnd I get it locked in like a king in a tomb, when I spit a toxin and they cough on the fumesCause I'm back in the nick of time and attacking a fickle mind I'm a jackal I'll rip his hide I'ma tackle him, pick a fight, I be Dracula set to bite in the black of the bitter night and I'm out. Poof.. X videos

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