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NEW Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Tablet - How to Get Google Play StoreStep by Step Instructions: 1. Скачать ютуб с гугл плей. Go App Store & Download: ES File Explorer2. Open ES File Explorer and Tap "+ Add"Then Enter:Path: Then Tap "Add"3. Scroll down and Tap "dwl"4. Tap on the first link (wait a bit)5. Tap each item to download6. Once their all downloaded, Swipe up and tap "Download"7. Tap each one and install8. Download YouTube & Open the App9. Wait a few seconds and it will ask you to update the google play servicesDon't forget to Like, Favorite, and Share the Video!!!For More Videos, Check Out My Website at Like us on Facebook: Follow Us on Instagram: @H2TechVideosIf you would like us to review your product, email us at H2TechVideos@gmail.com

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