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How to Install Google Play Services With Genymotion will demonstrate how to install the Google Play Services APK to your Genymotion emulator.Some of the reasons why you would want to do this is for Google Play Applications on an Emulator.Some would want the abilitiy to debug and test their applications but must have Google Services to test some features.Ensure that your Genymotion is up to date. Play google services apk. Go to this link : Ensure that your VirtualBox is up to date. Go to this link: You will need to install three zip files: They are the ARM Translation Installer, Google Apps for your Android, and Google Play Services APK Go to this link: (ARM Translation Installer) Go to this link: . (Google Play Services APK)OR . (Google Play Services APK) Go to this link: (5.0) . (2.3-4.4)Android Development, Java coding, Genymotion, Google, Google Play Services, C++, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, Databases, Web Development, CSS3, HTML5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android Studio, API, APK, VirtualBox, Brackets, Notepad++, Eclipse, Emulator, C#, Oracle, Linux, Microsoft, Mac, iOS, Amazon, FireOS, Windows Phone, Windows Phone 10, Operating Systems, Web Services, Console, Application, Software Development, Objective C, ASP .NET.Personal Site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: GitHub: Google+: LinkedIn: About.Me: YouTube Channel: Pinterest: . ~ Ryan Morris

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